Who are Shield Knight Investment?
  • With a wealth of experience Shield Knight Investment is a market leader in UK property investment. Founded in 2013, we specialize in identifying wealth building opportunities through smart, safe and secure property investments. 

How does Shield Knight Investment make its money?

We earn a commission from the developers of the projects that we market. For some projects, we also charge a client administration fee.

What is meant by NET rental yield?

The NET rental yield is what you gain after costs which are management fee, service charge and ground rent. On some developments the ground rent is seperate and charged anually.

What is an Escrow account?

An escrow account is an account in which your deposited funds are held by a third party. This is to ensure the funds are not released to the developer in one lump sum, but at different agreed stages within the build.

Who manages and maintains my apartment?

An expert management company will take care of your unit in the sector you’ve chosen. You will receive detailed information about each development. .

What happens after my rental guarantee ends?

You will still be able to have the property fully managed and maintained if you wish, so you can relax while a professional company deals with the tenant and maintenance for you. In most cases this would be the same management company throughout the initial assurance.

Can I buy using a mortgage?

On many of our developments mortgages are available, so please make sure you mention this when speaking with us. 

Where can I find a solicitor?

Shield Knight recommend using a solicitor familiar with the project to keep the buying process on track and as easy as possible and offer a panel of solicitors for each development. 

If buying off plan will I earn anything before completion?

As with any off-plan real estate investment, your initial deposit will be tied up during construction. However, many developers offer interest on your funds up until completion to help compensate for this. Your property purchase will also increase in value during that build time. We will always aim to provide properties with the best potential return and capital appreciation. Your money may be tied up, but it’s always growing.